Fugitive Fluctuations
~ Exhibition curated by Adrien Sina, 1995-96
[ Fugitive ~
Fluctuations ]
(Mutation 2) Collisions, Symbiosis, Incorporations

La Ferme du Buisson, Contemporary Art Center

October 12th - November 03th 1996

Exhibition curated by Adrien Sina

Following the first step of the exhibition held at the Espace d'Art Yvonamor Palix, the Fugitive Fluctuations book is into publication with the partnership of the AFAA - French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Liz Diller + Ricardo Scofidio - His, Hers - Case # 003841983
(video installation)

The text contributions are from :

Jean-Marc Adolphe, Louis Bec, Augustin Berque, Christine Breton, Anne Cauquelin, Alain Chiaradia, Sonja Dicquemare, Liz Diller + Ricardo Scofidio, Régis Durand, Teiji Furuhashi + Shiro Takatani [dumb type], Valéry Grancher, Norbert Hillaire, Nikola Jankovic, Kengo Kuma, Xavier Lavergne, Luc Lévesque, sub-commandant Marcos, Thom Mayne [Morphosis], Fiona Meadows + Frédéric Nantois, Charly Nestel, Ryu Niimi, Charles-André Nouvellet, Orlan, Yvonamor Palix, Anne Pontet, Olivier Reneau, Pierre Restany, Damien Sausset, Marie Sester, Adrien Sina, Guy Tortosa, Paul Virilio, Elvan Zabunyan.

Thom Mayne [Morphosis] - Tsunami

Climatic uncertainties, edge instability between dryness and moistness, toxic and epidemic effusions, ecosystem and bio-diversity depletions, lethal ignitions, migratory or hemorrhagic flux, geopolitical collapses or democratic failures, many tumultuous questions impregnate the Planetary Visions and the outlines of our future Earth-scale dwelling.

Teiji Furuhashi + Shiro Takatani [dumb type] - Love/Sex/Death/Money/Love
(video installation)

The emergence of new algorithmic or virtual spaces may inflect the evolutive trajectory of the inhabiting tissues which have to be initiated.
To which incorporation of the reality are they leading ? How many faillures, how many ethical ruins for these hegemonic or military territories emerging from the paradigm of video-games or leisure simulations ?

What will be the shape or even the meaning of cities emerging from the bio-organic civilization and technologies to which we are stepping into? How to define the shift leading to nonlinear, unsettled, fluctuating and metabolic basis for architecture ?

Adrien Sina - Organic Transitions
(video installation)

How to unfold a theoretical purpose on inaccessible, siteless or virtual spaces which will broaden the human habitat to impalpable and extreme territories towards the efflorescence of artificial or simulated life and intelligence?

Hybrid tissues of diffuse and metabolic interactions, symbiosis between all living communities, from the animal to the viral, from the bacterial to the bio-chemical, are forgotten questions through architectural or urban processes, even though they remodel the planetary balances that the future human inhabiting and survival will inherit.

Kengo Kuma - Automatic Rock Gardener

After millenaries of evolutive or social selection, the body, the whole life set balances and the human individual remain the most fragilised issues, the most threatened, violented, face to the structural parameters of a technological environment which call them in question.

ORLAN - mesuRages d'institutions
Actions Orlan-Corps
(video installation- performance)

The search for new adaptive processes able to reply to the collisions between the multi-fold layers of the reality still remains a question of ethical emergency. A morphogenetic matrix is hence initiated for unsettled complexities, turbulent textures and fugitive fluctuations.

Ryu Niimi - Daughters of the Future

The exhibition presents interfaces between video-installation, choreography, architecture, urban performances, photography and philosophy. It will be presented as well, through an evolutive manner, in Barcelona, New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo.

Adrien Sina.

Valéry Grancher - Selfportrait - Nomemory

Participating artists:

United States : Elizabeth Diller + Ricardo Scofidio, Thom Mayne [Morphosis]
France : Sonja Dicquemare, Valéry Grancher, Xavier Lavergne,
Fiona Meadows + Frédéric Nantois, Orlan, Adrien Sina
Japan : Teiji Furuhashi + Shiro Takatani [dumb type], Kengo Kuma,
Museum in Metro, Ryu Niimi
Mexico : Yolanda Gutierrez
Canada : Luc Lévesque + James Partaik + Michel St-Onge

Noriko Sunayama - A Perfumed World

La Ferme du Buisson, Contemporary Art Center
Artistic Director : Chantal Cusin-Berche
Allée de la Ferme, 77437 Noisiel. Tel : (33/1) 64 62 77 00.
October 06th - November 04th 1996.

Fiona Meadows + Frédéric Nantois- precast@.com

Acknowledgments : The Japan Foundation, Paris
AFAA - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Paris, July 12, 1996

Sonja Dicquemare - Stillevent
(video installation)

© Adrien Sina