Hygiene/e-gene : Identity crime
~ Adrien Sina, 1998

hygiene/e-gene : identity crime

Adrien Sina, 1998

All intimate objects, each daily object of hygiene, carries the trace of our psychic identity (obsession, fear, fetishism) or genetic identity (hair, blood, secretions, epidermal cells)... The wastes of our technologized hygienism can return against us, betray our most private secrets, innocent or perverted, transform each of our traces into a witness of a crime, the permanent guilt of possessing a unique identity.

Parallel to bodily wastes that we leave everywhere we are, with the use of any kind of technology: credit cards, surveillance camera in airports or shops, while surfing on the www or using our cellular phone, we leave billions of electronic-traces or digital-wastes which deliver precise information about our localization, our habits, our private acts... This global-tracking of privacy and intimacy, could remind us of an unreachable digital-hygiene, cleaning all the traces of our virtual-DNA and electronic-gene.

This parallel history depicts the fragile space of encryption left to our digital and organic genome drifting to a collective violation of intimacy and alterity.

© Adrien Sina