Farafin a ni Toubabou
the black man an’ the white man ~ Adrien Sina + Mamary Diallo, 2007
My white arms are dyed in black with coal dust, his black arms are dyed in white with clay... white hands on a black background and black hands on a white zone : the inversion of our territories blurs our behavior and establishes a factor of indeterminacy. Our hands structure routes of fast exchange. Reflecting reality, passports, weapons, immigrants, deported immigrants, medicines, tourism of the hunt, American war movies, money, minerals, fetishes, pass from one territory to another regardless of any notion of control, balance or equity.
After few seconds, we no longer know who is rejecting whom, who is exploiting whom, who behaves as black or who behaves as white, who is guilty or who is innocent. For centuries the North needed the energy of the South, now rejection, humiliation and stigmatization have returned - an absurdity in the age of multidirectional exchanges within the city-world. A campaign image cut out from Le Monde newspaper offers the reminder: ‘Immigrants are not criminals’...
Sharing a common history we’ve already taken so much from those to whom we thought we had given all... Otherness should more than ever be reversed into sameness...

video 16/9, 04:58 min, Bamako (Mali), 2007
Adrien Sina

Adrien Sina Adrien Sina

Farafin a ni Toubabou - black and white ethical projects

Adrien Sina

Artist and theoretician Adrien Sina presents a compilation of film works and documentation taken from performances, instruction pieces and videos from 2005-2007.

This dvd contains eight works made on location in France, UK and Mali and reflects aspects of Sina's interests in ethics, human rights and political representations through participatory practices.

A full colour brochure to accompany the DVD can be downloaded here.

Adrien Sina and Live Art Development Agency, 2009, DVD-PAL, 40 minutes.

© Adrien Sina