The Small Clouds Crossing the Sky of the Soul
~ Adrien Sina 2007
As in a landscape, clouds cover and discover the sun, worries or peacefulness cover and discover the sky of the soul, making perceptible variations in expression of the face, when eyelids are closed... A mute exchange takes place beyond words, beyond the gaze, in the heart of silence. The temporality of this video is sweet and suspended... slowed down and soundless.
I simply asked children to think with closed eyes... a deep inner reality migrates from inside to the surface of the skin, making perceptible their pain or pleasure... imagination and dream...
For a very short moment, the eyes are opened... on the final screen, the expression is no longer the same.... Beyond mere embodiment, the incarnation of mental universes, may we touch here a glimpse of anamnesis ?

video 16/9, 01:41 min, Bamako (Mali), 2007

Adrien Sina Adrien Sina

Farafin a ni Toubabou - black and white ethical projects

Adrien Sina

Artist and theoretician Adrien Sina presents a compilation of film works and documentation taken from performances, instruction pieces and videos from 2005-2007.

This dvd contains eight works made on location in France, UK and Mali and reflects aspects of Sina's interests in ethics, human rights and political representations through participatory practices.

A full colour brochure to accompany the DVD can be downloaded here.

Adrien Sina and Live Art Development Agency, 2009, DVD-PAL, 40 minutes.

© Adrien Sina