[ Gun Amnesty Picnic ]
~ Adrien Sina

The Gun Amnesty Picnic is a collective participative/perfomative event.

Picnic cloths cut into heart shapes structure the space of a park in groups, large enough for the encounter of persons one doesn't know, but small enough for a real possibility of exchange.

A table in a restaurant has a "Border" and isolates couples, groups and individuals one from another. In a Picnic, there is no Border, there is just a territory of sharing, more and more rare in our social behaviour.

In the middle of each heart the participants are invited to display all the items among their belongings which could be considered as a weapon: a book, a knife, a toy-gun...

Weapons and Wars are everywhere, in our mind, in our culture through the history of nations, in our kitchens, in our children's bedrooms...

There is no respect for Human Rights in video-games and when the game becomes real war, this disrespect continues... The paradigms of killing, torturing, destroying the others still remains as a major technological target.

The Picnic will be a major occasion for filling in the "Declaration of Human Hearts" papers.... The whole event could be documented in video and we can organise talks and debates around the subject. There is also an important educational aspect in this event.

Parents can explain to their children that game-boys, gun-toys, Playstations are weapons, and obey the same laws relating to the virtualisation of the suffering of the others as the destructive weapons used by our most technologised armies...

Without this explanation, future generations will still take pleasure in the destruction of the others, as if the whole world were a virtual game.

The event replies in a way to our main question: What can performance do for human rights, and human rights for performance?





© Adrien Sina