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Adrien Sina

The United Nations Organization has been a progressive step in order to endow the Planet with a real political architecture. Nevertheless it is subject to the States Parties and Governments which in many cases do not represent the Peoples and even less the Minorities. The voice of billions of individuals cannot be heard without a real political representation of the Peoples and the Minorities of the whole Planet.

In every democratic structure, there is an equilibrium between an executive organization, like the Governments, and a legitimate counter-balance through the representation of Minorities. This is the mission of Parliaments, the only places where the plurality of the Peoples can be represented. On the scale of the Planet, such a structure does not yet exist.

The [ Planetary Parliament of Peoples and Minorities ] should be a first initiative for this emergency, in order to make reliable a Democracy and a Political Citizenship on the scale of the Planet. It shoud be articulated around a notion of Collective Responsibility of both Peoples and Governments concerning issues of planetary consequence and determining decisions related to the destiny of our Civilization.

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